4 Places To Buy A Laptop Via Installments In Kenya

The laptop is the most important device for study and work. It grants you access to the Internet, opens up your creativity and gives you the ability to do research and write papers. Not having a laptop at home can be very frustrating especially if you are an avid user of it. You cannot check email or Facebook, chat with friends on Whatsapp or use various online resources on your own. These apps require a computer and an internet connection. Thus, getting access to a functioning laptop is imperative especially if you have limited access to high-speed wired internet. The good news is that there are now many ways to buy a laptop in Kenya without having to pay full price upfront. Here are 4 Places To Buy A Laptop Via Installments In Kenya

At A Computer Store

Buying a laptop from a computer store is a good option if you already know which brand and model you want. You can also go to the store, ask the salesperson for assistance, and then work out a payment plan that suits your needs. The downside of this option is that you will be paying more than what it would cost if you bought it online.

Online stores

Online stores are a good place to buy laptops. The best thing about buying a laptop from an online store is that you don’t have to worry about the payment being stalled because of high-interest rates or other financing fees. You will usually get an installment plan which is much easier than paying in full upfront. Also, these sites may offer special deals that could make your purchase cheaper.

Ubungo Marketplace

Ubungo Marketplace is the most popular and reliable place to find a laptop. All the laptops on this store are refurbished, meaning that they have been fixed up and all the parts have been replaced. You can buy a laptop for as low as Ksh. 14,000 or less and pay for it in installments of 3-4 months. The first time you pay, you get a working laptop with charger, data cable and keypad protector which will last for 1 month. If you need to extend your account further than 1 month, you can go back to the store and extend it but you will be paying more per month because the price of your new laptop will be higher.

Log-in To Instamojo Or Instamojikijo Accounts

One option is to sign up for a loan with Instamojo or Instamojikijo. This can be done online or via their mobile app. Apply for the loan and make your deposit, which will be deducted from the total cost of the laptop you wish to purchase. Your application will need to be approved before you get access to your funds.


Buy laptops in installments in Kenya.

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