Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: Lipa MdogoMdogo Review

The world is moving towards cashless transactions and we, as Kenyans, should also move with the times. The government has made it mandatory that all merchants must accept payment via credit cards by June 30, 2020. This means that you cannot make purchases in Kenya without using a credit card or another form of electronic payment like Paypal or any other lending service like Kiva or Kickstarter. There are a number of financial institutions that offer various services such as personal loans and even car loans. However, there are a limited number of similar services for buying second-hand mobile phones for people who do not have access to an existing bank account or a credit card. That is why in this article, we will be reviewing one of these new services called Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: Lipa MdogoMdogo Review

What Is Buy Now, Pay Later Apps?

I was hesitant to use these apps at first. I thought it was just another scam, but when you start to research them a little bit, you’ll realize that they are legit. The purpose of this service is to help people who want to buy something but don’t have the necessary funds for it. Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: Lipa MdogoMdogo Review is a platform where you can find a wide range of second-hand mobile phones and other commodities through which you can make your purchases with no hassle.

How Does Lipa MdogoMdogo Work?

Lipa MdogoMdogo is a platform that offers second-hand mobile phone trade. It is a service that allows people to sell their old phones and get cash in return. This service only works if the seller has no access to bank account or credit card. The entire process of selling your phone is free and easy. You can register on the website and list your phone for sale. When someone is interested in buying your phone, they will contact you via text message or WhatsApp message.
Once the buyer makes an offer, you are required to verify their identity before accepting the offer. Once this happens, you will get a confirmation text message with all details about the payment date and time as well as instructions on how to make the transaction successfully. After the transaction takes place, Lipa MdogoMdogo will send a confirmation text message with all details about the payment date and time as well as instructions on how to make the transaction successfully.


What are Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya?
Buy Now, Pay Later is a service offered by a company in Kenya called Mobile Second-hand Market. This service allows customers to purchase phones at a fraction of their original price. The company purchases the phone from the seller and then turns around and resells them. The customer will make monthly payments until the total cost of the phone has been paid off.
Why should I use this service?
The convenience of not having to wait for your phone to arrive or worry about getting stuck with a bad device is absolutely worth it. Additionally, you may be able to get a great deal on an iPhone XS with AppleCare+ if you don’t have the money up front to buy it outright. However, if you’re looking for something that’s cheaper than AppleCare+, there are cheaper options out there as well like which offers cheaper options like Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and LG K8 V500 that comes with only 1GB RAM in its price range.
Does this mean I can’t buy mobile phones without credit card?
You may still be able to buy mobile phones without using credit cards if you have their private network number or if they offer other payment methods such as PayPal or Kiva loans without bank account required membership fees.

Pros Of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya

This review will be about Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya because it is one of the only services that caters to Kenyans without credit card access. It is possible to buy a second-hand mobile phone by using this service and you don’t even have to pay up front. You can make payments over time, which means you can be more flexible in your purchase.
There are other benefits for using this type of app as well like the fact that you get a warranty on your phone. This warranty covers parts and labor so if anything goes wrong with your phone, you’ll get it fixed for free or get a new one.
Another benefit that comes with this type of app is that it provides an easy way to sell your old phone when you’re done with it. The buyer pays the price of your old phone and you get a cash refund, which means you don’t lose any money when trading in your device. Plus, if someone buys your old device, they won’t know who else has been using it before them so they won’t have any privacy issues like finding out their personal information or photos on an old device they bought from someone else.

Cons of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya

: Lipa MdogoMdogo
Lipa MdogoMdogo is a new service that enables Kenyans to buy second-hand mobiles and other gadgets for cash. This service allows users to buy a product at an agreed upon price and pay for it in instalments over the course of a month or a year. However, there are some disadvantages of this service as well.
One disadvantage is that you need an account with one of the participating financial institutions in order to use the service. This means that if you do not have any such account, then your access will be limited to buying phones from nearby vendors who sell them on their shops. Additionally, if you cannot find vendors selling second-hand mobile phones near your place, then the only option you will have is to send your phone number to one of these providers and wait for them to call you when they find someone selling what you are looking for. Lastly, there is no way of knowing how much interest rates will be applied on the installments which means that if this service charges 16% interest per annum on installment payments, then your first payment could result in over 40% increase in total cost compared to what it would be if interest rates were lower than 16%.

Final Words: Should You Try Lipa MdogoMdogo?

The service is a good option for people who do not have access to banks or credit cards. It is also a great option for people in Kenya who are looking to purchase second-hand mobile phones. However, this service has its limitations like the limited amount of models that they offer and the lack of interest rates on loans so you should ensure that you understand these limitations before making your decision.

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