Buy Now, Pay Later Apps In Kenya: LipaLater Review

If you are a student then you must be very familiar with the term ‘Lipa’. It is a common practice where students lend money to their friends and other students to finance their activities. But some of us can’t afford to give our money on such temporary loans. So, what if we had an affordable alternative? A great opportunity has presented itself. LipaLater is an amazing new app just released that allows users to buy anything now and pay for it later at discounted prices in the future. This means that you will get something good as a reward after paying for it later – think of it as a cash-back credit card!
This article will discuss about Lip Though this is not a financial blog by any means, we have decided to include the features of the app because when used responsibly, it can provide many benefits to users without compromising on security or convenience.

What is LipaLater?

LipaLater is a unique and innovative app that is perfect for students. This company was created in order to provide students with the opportunity to buy goods or services now and pay for them later. The benefits of this system include:
– Easy access to discounted goods or services
– Flexible payment plans
– Lower prices for those who purchase within a set time period
– Cash-back rewards after purchasing the items on offer
However, the company is built on trust, so it needs to be reliable. LipaLater’s mission is to provide quality services at affordable rates and they have done just that with this app. So if you are looking forward to getting anything you want while saving money, then don’t wait and download LipaLater today!

How to use LipaLater App?

To use the app, you need to create an account and share the app link with friends (the first time it takes 24 hours for the link to be shared). In order to make a purchase, simply open the app, choose what you want to buy, pay in cash or via card, and wait for your payment confirmation. Once your payment has been confirmed, you can now enjoy your product!
You may also set up recurring payments. When you do this, you will only have to pay a small fee of Kshs.100 per month.
You can also get extra points when you hit certain milestones – such as buying a specific amount of products every day or every week.

Features of the LipaLater App

LipaLater has a wide variety of features that make it stand out from the rest. For example, you can use the app to buy goods at discounted prices and pay for them later. This is really helpful when you need something but don’t have the money on hand to get it right now. And if you are in school or work, this app is perfect because it allows users to pay for things with their school or work ID card.
However, if you find yourself unable to pay your bills after using LipaLater, there’s also a handy-dandy reminder system in which users can set up notifications anytime they want so they won’t forget about payments they need to make. They will be notified by text message or via email when payments are due and will be reminded with popup messages on their phone screen throughout the day too!

Features of the company:

*The company claims that their service “is not simply about borrowing money but about making friends.”
*It is available in both Android and iOS versions
*You can buy anything online with your LIPA account and pay for it later at discounted prices in the future
*Promises a cash-back credit card rewards program within 3 months of registration

Pros of the LipaLater App

• It is a huge money saver for students
• There are different ways to finance your purchase using the app such as through debit cards, credit cards and even loans
• You can choose the time period you want to pay off your purchase and get discounts on payments
• The payment will be automatically deducted from your account after every month
• You can earn points that can be redeemed at any time
-The app is easy to use and very user-friendly
-You can see how much you have left to pay on your purchase before making the order
-It’s free to use!

Cons of the LipaLater App

The major disadvantage of the app is that it is not free to use. You will have a monthly fee of 10,000 Kenyan Shillings (the equivalent of US$0.34) and then you must get a credit card that has a limit of 100,000 Kenyan Shillings (US$3.64).
Another issue with the app is the fact that you can only make pre-orders for things like clothing, electronics, and other items available online.
If you want to use this app and still be able to buy things at affordable rates without any issues, then you should make your credit card limit as high as possible (100,000 Kenyan Shillings or more) or get a student loan.

Final Words

LipaLater has revolutionized the way that we buy our things. With the advent of time-saving apps, it is not surprising that this new app can be a game changer.

For people without bank accounts or credit cards, purchasing goods online can prove to be difficult. Sometimes they need to resort to using their own money and savings which would lead to a huge financial burden on them in the future if they don’t make any outstanding payments on their dues. This is where LipaLater comes in. This app allows users to get something now and pay for it later at discounted prices in the future so that they can save more money in the long run without compromising on convenience or security.

Moreover, this app is perfect for students who are always broke since one of its features is a cash-back discount credit card. This means that students who use the app will be able to purchase some of their materials now and then pay for them later at discounted prices so that they can earn cash back rewards with every purchase.

The app also provides an option for users to give rewards as gifts or donations as well as a healthy selection of shops to shop from like Amazon, Nike, Sony, Puma and many more!
On top of all these amazing features, LipaLater offers free worldwide delivery within 24 hours! With such great attributes and incentives, you should take advantage of this opportunity while you can!

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