How To Change KPLC Account Name Online With 4 Easy Steps

If you have multiple bank accounts, and a new one is about to come up, maybe you need to change the name of your account. Having an individual account for each checking or savings account can be time-consuming, and changing the name of your existing account can be even more tedious.
However, there’s no reason to rush out of the bank after changing your account name just because some other person has it first. The quicker you act on this idea, the better! You can do this by using the online banking interface. Here are 4 easy steps on how to change your existing Kredithipap Savings Account (KPLC) name online with only a few clicks.

Go to your online banking account

The first step to changing your account name is going to the online banking website. You can find this by clicking on a link in your email or visiting the bank’s website.

You should also check if you are logged in and that you have sufficient privileges for this process. If you don’t, try logging out then back in again and doing the same process mentioned below.

Select “My Accounts”

Right when you log into your online banking, you’ll see My Accounts at the top of your screen. Click on that button, and then click on the one you want to change.

Enter the old and new account names

The first step is to enter the old and new account name. You can do this by clicking on “View Account Details”, then “Account Name”.

Confirm the name change by selecting “Submit”

1. First, log on to your Kredithipap Savings Account (KPLC) and click on “Banking” in the upper-right corner.
2. Next, select “Account Name” on the left side menu.
3. You will see a list of all the existing accounts that you have in your banking interface. Click on either “Change Name” or “Add New Bank Account” to change your account name.
4. Type in the name that you want for your account and click on Submit when finished!

Verify the name change has been made

The first step is to verify that the name change has been made. This can be done by confirming that the account information on your computer is exactly with what it should be, or you can check your online banking statement.
If you’re not sure if the new name is correct, contact your bank and ask them. If they answer that everything is correct but you still aren’t sure, use the Online Banking system to confirm it.

Use a different ID for future bank transactions

First, you will need a new ID number, preferably one that is not currently being used by another person. You can do this by going to the bank’s “My Account” interface and clicking on “Account Number Change”.
Next, input your old ID number and select a new one. After that, you need to set the name of your account as well as its password.
Lastly, enter your Pin code if needed and click on “Submit” instead of “Save Changes”. This will save the changes to the account without having to log back in again.


Change your KPLC account name online with 4 easy steps.

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