How To Collect Kenyan Passports In

After relocating to Kenya you need a passport in order to leave the country and travel. The process of getting your passport is fairly straightforward; however, there are a few things that you should know beforehand. Getting a passport can be a challenging task if you don’t know where to start. There are steps to take before your new residence or new job opens up the opportunity for you to get a passport.
Kenya has strict policies when it comes to who can obtain a passport and under what circumstances they will issue one. If you live in Kenya long-term, or have significant business interests within the country, then obtaining a passport is much more likely than if you plan on staying for only a short period of time. Even those who are planning on visiting the country several times over the course of their stay are encouraged to apply for their own passport sooner rather than later.

How to Apply For a Kenyan Passport

In order to obtain a Kenyan passport, you will need to visit the nearest Kenyan High Commission or Embassy. With any international travel, it is wise to make an appointment well in advance of your departure date. In order to save time and trouble, it is best to schedule your appointment online.
One of the first things that you will be asked when applying for a Kenyan passport is if you have ever been convicted or found guilty in any court of law. You don’t have to worry about this if you are applying for a new passport as adults only are required to provide their criminal records and not those who were convicted as juveniles.
The following documents are needed when applying for a Kenyan passport:
– A valid travel document (ID)
– A photocopy of your birth certificate
– Proof of home address and proof of citizenship in Kenya
– Two recent photographs
If you are a citizen of Kenya, you will also need two sets of fingerprints along with two forms that show your previous passports were stamped with the Kenya visa stamp. Once these items have been provided and submitted, according to government policy, then the application process can start immediately. If there is anything missing from the list above, then it will delay the process significantly.

What To Include In Your Kenyan Passport Application

Before you apply for your Kenyan passport, there are a few things that you should include in your application. You will need to provide the following information:
1. A recent photograph of yourself
2. A photo of your Kenyan residence with the local address
3. Your Kenyan ID card number
4. The purpose of your trip (if you are visiting Kenya)
5. Whether or not you have any previous Kenyan passports

Proof of Citizenship and Identity

To obtain a new Kenyan passport, you need to have a Kenyan birth certificate, proof of citizenship from your current country of residence, and an ID card. In addition to these documents, you will also need to provide your address in Kenya. If you are working for the embassy or consulate in Kenya then it is an option to provide your work contract as proof of your employment. If you are applying for a child passport, the child must be present with his/her birth certificate and identification card.

Address and contact information for your application

The first step of the passport application process is to provide your address and contact information. The local Kenyan embassy will also ask for a copy of your Kenyan identification card or birth certificate. In order to obtain a copy of your Kenyan identification card, you must go through the official Kenyan government website. The website will have an online application system that you can use to submit your request for an identification card via email. You can also download an application form and submit it in person at any bank branch or post office.
If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate, you will be able to obtain one from the Kenyan government website as well. This should be done before submitting your passport application for approval.

Take note of the renewal dates for your passport

In order to maintain your Kenyan passport, you will need to renew it every ten years. When this time arrives, the Kenyan Government will send a letter to your address in Kenya letting you know that your passport is due for renewal. You can renew by visiting the nearest Kenyan embassy or consulate.

Things you should know before you apply for a Kenyan passport

If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply for a Kenyan passport, there are a few things that you should know before you go through the process of applying.
First, you should know that your employment status is not one of the factors that determines whether or not you will be eligible for a passport. This means that even if your job requires that you work in Kenya, but does not require a Kenyan passport, you are still eligible to be issued one.
Second, applicants who have an existing Kenyan passport and wish to renew it will have to wait three months after the expiry date of their current passport before they can do so.
Third, applicants who have never lived in Kenya and possess no other form of identification will not qualify for a passport. If this applies to you then it would be best to obtain citizenship from another country before coming to Kenya.
Fourth, the only way to apply for an emergency Kenyan passport is online through Visa Passport Application System (VSA). Otherwise, an application can be made at the embassy or consulate in person by presenting your foreign passport and ID card as well as any supporting documentation needed.


If you’re planning a Kenyan passport visit, it’s important to plan ahead.
First, you’ll need to create an online application.
The online application will allow you to provide the necessary documentation to prove your citizenship, identity, address and contact information.
You’ll also need to take note of the renewal dates for your Kenyan passport.
You must apply for your Kenyan passport six months before your current passport expires.
Last but not least, you must be 18 years old or older to apply for a Kenyan passport.

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