How To Know If Your Passport Is Ready For Collection In Kenya

Do you own a passport that is ready for collection in Kenya? If you are planning to travel, the first thing you should do is check if your passport is ready.
Kenya has strict immigration regulations and only allows citizens to enter the country on specific dates and with specific documents. To be allowed to enter, your passport must be in good condition. The Immigration Department requires all passports to have certain details checked including the validity of the document, security features, and any other anomalies that may impact its reliability.
This article will help you know what conditions your passport needs to meet before it can be collected by an immigration officer from home or an agent abroad. You will also learn how long your passport will take to be reprocessed after being submitted so that you have another opportunity to collect it from home again.

Check If Your Passport Is Legally Registered

To be allowed to enter the country, your passport needs to be valid for at least six months.
If your passport is not yet valid, you have the option of using a long-term visa or applying for an emergency one. Your passport can also be renewed if it expires within six months of being collected.

If your passport has expired, you will need to apply for a new one before collecting it from home.
If your old one has security features that are damaged, you will need to make sure that any damage is been noted on the file and that it is reported within 45 days of collection. If there are no issues with the document, it should be collected within two working days after submission. If this is not possible, then an agent in Kenya will collect it immediately and submit it back to the agent who submitted the application so that they can arrange transport back home.
The Kenyan Immigration Department requires all passports to have certain details checked including the validity of the document, security features, and any other anomalies that may impact its reliability.

Learn The Details Of The Reprocessing Process

If your passport is in good condition, it will be processed by the ministry. Once this happens, it will take between six to eight weeks for the document to be ready for collection from home again. If your passport has been processed and is waiting for reprocessing, you should not collect it from an agent abroad. Instead, leave it with an agent at home and wait for the document to be reprocessed so that you can collect it again when your trip nears.

Kenya’s immigration policy is strict and only allows specific citizens to enter the country on specific dates and with specific documents. In order to enter Kenya on a certain date, your passport must be in good condition; which means checking certain details about the document include security features that may impact its reliability. This article outlines what guidelines are needed for a passport to have before being collected from home or abroad. It also provides information about the time needed for processing before another opportunity at collecting from home is allowed after submitting a request for reprocessing.

Is Your Passport Valid?

The first thing you will want to do is double check that your passport is valid. As part of the collection process, your passport will be checked by an immigration officer to make sure that it is not expired or over-used. If you have a passport that has passed its expiration date, it will need to be replaced.
If your passport does not meet the strict requirements for entry into Kenya, you will be denied entry and told you must collect a new one at home. If your passport meets the required standards, then you can expect it to be collected in three weeks’ time.
You should also check whether your current agent abroad knows if your passport has been collected yet. If they don’t know, they should be able to give you another opportunity to collect it from home again.

Is The Data Correct?

To begin with, your passport must have correct data. The first thing that you should check is the validity of your passport. If it is not valid, the immigration officer will refuse to accept it. Your next step would be to make sure all security features are visible and in good condition. This includes the information of your nationality, photograph, and other details that are necessary for security purposes.
The second thing that must be done is a physical inspection of your passport. The officer needs to determine whether there is any damage from wear or tear as well as any blotches on the cover page or inside pages. It’s important that you are able to show them how these features look so they know whether you have adequately taken care of your document.

Is There Any Photographic Update Required?

If your passport is more than 10 years old, you will need to apply for a new one. To do so, you must be able to provide evidence that the previous passport was damaged. This includes any papers or documents that show damage or wear and tear on the passport. You should also bring an ID like a driving license to prove your identity.
You may have to submit photographs of yourself if your previous passport was stolen or lost in an accident. You may also need to submit photographs of your current face with the same color clothing that you wore in the original photograph taken for your previous passport. The photos must be recent and taken with a digital camera, not a traditional film camera.
If you are travelling soon, it’s best to consult with someone who works at the embassy or consulate about whether there is a need for any photographic update on your existing passport before it expires so that you can avoid having to wait for weeks for the new passport to be processed again.

Is There Any Other Condition To Be Met?

Although your passport may be ready for collection, there are some conditions that must be met before it is collected. These conditions are:
The validity of the document must be at least six months
Your passport must have two or more blank pages
There must be no water marks, tears, or stains on the front cover or back cover of the passport
The first and last page of every page should show clear evidence of a seal having been affixed to them

After Reprocepting, When Will You Be Able To Collect Your Passport?

Collection from abroad
Your passport will be reprocessed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then sent to you. It can take between three to six weeks for your passport to get back in your hands. If you haven’t collected your passport yet, it is important that you contact the Kenyan Embassy or a Kenyan agent in your country to verify if your passport has been received. If it has not been received, they will advise where it is currently located and how long it will take to process before it can be shipped back out to you.
Collection from home
If you are collecting your passport at home, the process could take up to two weeks and involves having a doctor examine the validity of the document and make sure there are no anomalies that may impact its reliability like a photocopied page. This process usually takes around 10 days for processing and then takes another week for delivery.


Passports can be collected in person or by post.
If you have your passport and it is ready for collection, you should wait for the confirmation email from the Kenya Passport Office.

After you have received the email, you can then collect your passport from the collection point or from the post office.

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