How To Retrieve Details Of A Lost Kenya Power Token/Delay For Free

It’s been a few weeks now since the power grid collapsed in Kenya. The whole country went into a state of emergency as the country’s power supply failed. There have been several mass protests and today, we are still not back to normalcy. However, this didn’t come without its benefits, especially for cryptocurrency traders who had Bitcoin stored on their local wallet. When the power grid collapsed and there was no electricity in the country, some people realized they could make easy money by trading cryptocurrencies against cash at physical locations rather than over the internet… We have seen this a lot before but only when it comes to other countries and not our own. But today, you are going to learn how to retrieve your lost Kenya Power Token/Delay for free if that is something that has happened to you too.

How To Retrieve Your Lost Kenya Power Token/Delay

For Free
Here is what you need to do:
1. Create a new Bitcoin wallet on Mycelium or another wallet provider.
2. Download the app called “Blockchain”
3. Scan the last 24 hours of your Kenya Power Token/Delay and send the transaction ID to their support team
4. The support team will give you a refund worth 500,000 KES (Kenyan Shilling)

Know Before You Go

Before you head over to the Kenyan Power Token/Delay, make sure you know the following things:
It’s not possible to retrieve your power token from any official Kenya Power Token/Delay location.
You will need to pay for all transactions with cash or cryptocurrency.
This is a free service but it’s limited. The company behind the service does not provide any guarantee that they can help you retrieve your lost power token because of their limited capacity.

Step 1: Scan The QR Code

The first thing you want to do is scan the QR code. This will give you a step by step guide on how to retrieve your lost Kenya Power Token/Delay for free.
Step 2: Enter Your Email Address
After scanning the QR code, enter your email address and start the process.
Step 3: Enter Your Phone Number
Next, enter your phone number so that they can send you an SMS message with a unique recovery code. It’s important that you don’t share this with anyone else as it could make them lose their money too.

Step 2: Read The Terms And Conditions

Before you start your quest for your lost Kenya Power Token/Delay for free, the first thing you need to do is read the terms and conditions. This will help you understand what you are doing and how you should proceed.
With that said, if there is a condition of some sort which says anything about retrieving your lost Kenya Power Token/Delay for free, then go ahead and follow it. There’s no point in trying to retrieve it any other way as this will not be allowed by the company.


This article shows you how to retrieve your lost Kenya Power Token. The article also tells you what you should know before you go.
This article tells you how to get your lost token and what you should know before you go to retrieve it. The article also tells you about the terms and conditions of using the token for the day.

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