How To Retrieve Email Address Used During KRA Pin Registration

In order to efficiently manage an organization and its customers, it is essential to have a system that can link customer information and make them accessible from anywhere at any time. The best way to do that is by using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution.
KRA or the Know-Your-Customer program is a must for all financial institutions when it comes to dealing with customers. It is important to know who your customers are so you can help them when they need it most. A good KRA will also help protect you against potential fraud and money laundering attempts by your customers.
One of the ways you can keep track of your customers’ details is by using a KRA registration email address. Every new customer will be given such an email address upon signup, and every time they use your service thereafter, you should record their new registration address in KRC for future reference.

How To Retrieve Email Address Used During KRA Pin Registration

It is important that you keep a record of the email address your customer used when they registered for KRA pin. For this, you can use Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software to manually extract and save the information.
Another way to accomplish this is by using a tool called KRA Mail Merge. It will allow you to easily create individual emails with just a few clicks of a button. You can then print these and attach them in an envelope or write them out on paper and deliver them accordingly.

Create a KRA Registration Email

There are a few ways to create a KRA registration email address. You can use the built-in option with your CRM software and set up an email address that will automatically be linked to all your customers’ details or you can create a separate one. If you choose this route, make sure it is used only by people in your company so they know where their contact information is stored and they don’t share it with any third party. When creating the email, make sure you give it a memorable name so that every time someone logs in to see their account, they will recognize what the email is for. Give it something like “[email protected]” or something similar so that it is easy to remember what the email is for.

Add the New Customer to Your KRA List

To add a new customer to your KRA list, head over to the Company Profile page on the KRA website. Once you’re there, locate the Customer List section and click on the Add New Customer button.
Next, enter in their name or email address into the field provided and then click on Save. You should now see them listed in your CRM software solution.

Delete Customers From Your KRA List

If you want to remove customers from your KRA list, there are a few different ways to do this.
The most common method is to delete their registration email address from your KRC. This ensures that they will no longer be able to use your service and their contact details will also be removed.
You can also use the “KRA Cleanup” option within the KRA interface of CRM software. This option allows you to remove all entries related to a specific customer.
Lastly, you can send your customers an email request asking if they want to remove their registration details from your CRM system so they can confirm it in order to remove them from your list.


To make the registration process easier, use an email address that’s easy to retrieve. Here’s how to do it easily with a KRA registration email that you create.

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