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ManguCash is a new digital lending platform that has been launched in Zimbabwe.The company offers quick loans at competitive rates. Similar to other digital lending platforms, you can use your smartphone to get a loan from ManguCash. The app includes a credit assessment feature which gives users an idea of their creditworthiness before accessing the loans available. This will help prevent lenders from offering loans to people who have poor credit or no access to traditional financial institutions. ManguCash isn’t just another digital lending company trying to cash in on the market; it’s actually committed to providing quality services and products to its clients. That being said, the following guide will explain everything you need to know about getting a loan from ManguCash, as well as how much it costs, the repayment schedule and other important features of this financial service provider.

What is ManguCash?

ManguCash is a digital lending company that offers quick loans at competitive rates. To apply for a loan, you can use the ManguCash app on your smartphone or computer. Once you are approved and have access to your loan, you can use it to pay for any expenses. The repayment schedule is easy -all you have to do is make one monthly repayment of what you borrowed, along with an additional deposit of 15%. If you don’t repay on time, there will be interest added to the loan amount. This service makes borrowing easy and convenient for people in Zimbabwe.

How much does a ManguCash loan cost?

The loan application process is quick, simple and straightforward. You can apply for a loan via the ManguCash app or website for free (if you have an account). Once the company assesses your credit worthiness, it will notify you whether or not you qualify for a loan. If approved, you will be offered a loan worth between ZW$ 200,000 and ZW$ 20 million. The interest rates on loans range from 8 percent to 18 percent per month.

Repayment schedule for a ManguCash Loan

The repayment schedule for a ManguCash Loan is as follows:
– 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 month loans with an interest rate of 11.25%
– Loans are available to all users within Zimbabwe
– Repayments start from the first day of the loan and can be paid in cash or via mobile money (Mwoya).
– Interest rates are calculated daily by taking into account the following charges:
– 0.10% set off when you make payments through Mwoya
– 0.05% set off when you make payments through cash
– 0.50% on late payments
– Charges are deducted from principal balances that exist at the end of a loan term.

Can’t get a loan from ManguCash?

If you are unable to get a loan from ManguCash, the company offers other financing options including the option of borrowing in cash through electronic transfer or through a bank account.
ManguCash Loans also have flexible repayment schedules which can be customized based on the borrower’s needs.
In addition to loans and banking services, ManguCash also offers credit cards with zero interest for people who make less than $2,000 a month.
The ManguCash loan app has a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.
The application process is simple and quick; it takes less than five minutes to complete an application online.

Pros of borrowing from ManguCash

ManguCash has a range of benefits for people who borrow from this company. It includes the following:
– A faster loan approval process.
– Competitive rates and affordable interest rates.
– The ability to repay loans in instalments or in one lump sum.
– Easy application process via the app which is available on both Android and iPhone platforms.
– Satisfaction guarantee with full repayment if you are not satisfied with your loan terms.
– Seven days’ grace period after applying for a loan so that you can cancel without having to pay any fees.

Cons of borrowing from ManguCash

The main downside to borrowing from ManguCash is the time it takes for you to receive your loan. You have to wait up to 48 hours after filling out the application and uploading your ID card before you get a reply from ManguCash. This is one of the reasons why digital lending platforms like ManguCash are not a perfect solution for everyone who needs money fast. However, if the need for quick cash doesn’t dictate everything, then this may be an option for you.


ManguCash is an online lending platform that helps you get a loan with no credit score.
ManguCash is not a lender and does not provide loans to borrowers. It is a platform that monetizes the loans that are made by the lenders who are registered on the platform.

ManguCash is a platform that helps you get a loan without a credit score. You can borrow from ManguCash with your own money, or you can borrow using your credit card, or cash. You have to be 18 or older to borrow from ManguCash and you have to have a working email address and mobile phone number to apply.

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