How To Find Passport Tracking Number

If you lost your passport and need it to be found as soon as possible, then the sooner you start searching for it, the better. The sooner you start searching for it, the better. Once there is a lost or stolen passport, the issuing authority will immediately notify all countries with whom those passports are listed (i.e., through Interpol). This means your passport will be blacklisted by at least one country upon being reported lost and can’t be used to travel anywhere else until it is retrieved and verified once again by that particular country. Thankfully, Interpol publishes a list of all blacklisted passports on its website so that any person who finds themselves in possession of such a document can check if their identity has been compromised. If your passport is listed there, then it’s time to change addresses and banks so that nobody knows where you’re going or where you’re staying. Here we guide how you can find the tracking number for any lost or misplaced passport in less than an hour

What is a passport tracking number?

A passport tracking number is a unique code associated with your passport that can be used to track the movement of your document. This code can either be printed on the back of the passport or inside the cover. These codes are usually associated with a specific country, so if you need to find one for your passport, then you will need to know which country it was issued in.

How to find the passport tracking number?

To find the tracking number, you need to go to the passport’s website. If you can’t locate it yourself, then you can contact the issuing authority, who will be able to provide you with this information. Additionally, you can contact the embassy or consulate of any country listed on your passport to see if they have a record of it.

Check if your passport is blacklisted

If your passport is missing or stolen and you’re wondering if it has been blacklisted by Interpol, then search for your name on the list of blacklisted passports. If your name appears in the blacklist, then you should take steps to ensure that nobody knows where you are going or where you’re staying.
To find out if your passport is listed with Interpol, visit their website and click on the “verify lost or stolen documents” tab. Scroll down to find a list of all blacklisted passports, including yours.

How long valid is the passport tracking number?

With our online service, the passport number and tracking number is valid for 60 days after the date of issue.

Which country’s authority should you contact?

The issuing authority for that particular country will have contact information for you. The issuing authority is the one who issued your passport in the first place, so they know whether or not there has been any mix-ups with it. If you’ve lost your passport, then it’s important to contact the issuing authority as soon as possible.


Tracking your passport can be a hassle, but knowing the passport tracking number will help you locate your passport in case it gets lost or stolen. Follow these steps to find a passport tracking number.

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