Try This M-PESA Hack To Avoid Transaction Charges When Sending Money!

When sending money from one M-Pesa user to another, users are often charged a transaction fee. There are several ways to avoid the fees but you will have to try them all. Here is how you can hack your M-PESA account to prevent unnecessary charges when sending money.
M-PESA is Kenya’s leading mobile money service provider and it has over 10 million active users as of December 2018. The service allows users to send mobile money payments within Kenya via text message or an app on their phones. If you don’t know, ‘mobile money’ refers to a digital payment method that allows users send cash via cell phone instead of going through banking institutions or other traditional financial services.

How to Hack Your M-PESA Account to Avoid Transaction Charges

There are some easy tricks to avoiding the charges when sending money through M-PESA.
First, turn off your cellular data. When you have your cellular data turned on, M-PESA will use up your data limit in the amount of time it takes for you to send the transaction. You must first delete the transaction from your phone before you can send a new one.
Second, make sure that your recipient’s account is active and has funds available. If they don’t have any funds in their account, they will not be able to receive the money.
Third, include an extra 3 digits at the end of the payment number so that it doesn’t go through without funds in their account. For example, if you were sending 51003819123456 to a recipient who had a bank account number with 5110123456789, then they would not get charged since they would not have enough money in their account to complete the transaction.
Fourth, add an extra digit at the end of the sending user’s mobile phone number so that transactions can be sent with no fee or only a small fee as long as there is money in their account balance
Lastly, make sure you have enough cash in your M-Pesa account before making any transactions!

Use a bank account

Once you have the money in your M-PESA account, you can transfer it to your bank account to avoid the transaction fee. This is a simple way to avoid paying for the transaction if you don’t use M-Pesa for a long period of time.
Another option is to withdraw funds from an ATM. If you withdraw cash, it will still keep your balance and avoid using that amount on transactions.

Change the beneficiary’s M-PESA account number

One way to avoid the transaction fee for sending money is to change the beneficiary’s M-Pesa account number. The beneficiary’s account number can be found on the recipient’s M-Pesa application or on the sender’s M-Pesa application under “Send Money” tab. If you want to send money, first you have to create a new M-Pesa account by downloading the app and linking your mobile money service provider with it. To do this, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Account Management’ and then ‘Add Account’ at the bottom of your screen.
After you create an account and link it with your mobile money service provider, change the beneficiary’s account number on their app so that they will receive your money instead of incurring fees when they receive it.

Change your outgoing cash pick-up location

If you don’t want to pay the transaction fee when sending money, you can change your cash pick-up location. This can be done by going into settings and changing it from the default location.
If you have a different account that has a different number for your cash pick-up location, you can change this number too. You can also change the address of your cash pick-up location if you want to make sure your money is delivered to a safe place instead of being sent to your banking institution.

Use a different pick-up type

The first hack is to pick your preferred pick-up type. This can be done by heading to the “Payment Services” section of your phone app and changing the option from “Regular Pick-Up” to “Cash Pick-Up.” A cash pick-up at any of the M-Pesa partner stores saves you the most money when sending money to someone with a regular pick-up, who will have to pay the transaction fee.

If none of these options work, just ask for a refund

If none of these options work, you should ask for a refund. If the sender claims that they sent the money but you never received it, contact your bank and ask for a refund. If the sender is still refusing to give you a refund, then you can file a case with the M-Pesa Dispute Resolution System to get your transaction fees back. The system takes up to 48 hours to get back to you and will either agree with or deny your claim.
Keep in mind that this hack only works if sending money from one M-Pesa user to another.

Bottom Line

The M-Pesa hack I am going to share with you will prevent transaction fees when sending money from one user to another.
It’s easy to try this hack because it takes less than five minutes and doesn’t cost you anything. All you need is access to your M-PESA account and a friend with an active M-Pesa account.
1) Enter your friend’s phone number into the search bar on your phone, then add “+” to the end of the number, like so (+4567890123).
2) Type in, “M-PESA TRANSACTION FREE: +4567890123#” into the text box on your screen. Then send a message containing this code to your friend.
3) Your friend will receive a notification and they can see that they don’t have any transactions pending on their account right away! You may also be able to cancel any pending transactions by entering in their phone number again, but only if they have a history of mobile money transactions.

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