All you need to know about Uganda High Commission, Nairobi, Kenya

The Uganda High Commission facilitates cordial bilateral relations between Uganda and Kenya. Uganda High Commission actively promotes positive bilateral relations between the two countries, and as part of the East African Community integration process, actively encourages the development of political, economic, social, cultural and scientific cooperation.

Uganda High Commission Kenya

Uganda has many attractive tourism, business and tourist destinations. We also have quality educational facilities that attract students from all over the world.

The High Commission protects the interests of Ugandans living in Kenya by providing consular services and processing visa applications for foreigners wishing to visit Uganda.

Kenya is an important host country for UNEP and UN-HABITAT. We represent Uganda at these important forums. The Uganda High Commission represents Uganda at these important multilateral forums.

Uganda High Commission Nairobi

If you are travelling to Nairobi, Kenya, the Uganda High Commission can help you with all your visa and immigration needs. They are located in the capital city of the country. In addition to providing consular services, they also have information on other Uganda missions around the world. You can contact them via email or through their social media channels for information and assistance.

During their visit to Kenya, the High Commission of Uganda hosted a delegation of CABI, an organization which has been working with the Ugandan government for 40 years. They discussed a number of initiatives for the country, such as climate change, sustainable livestock production, and trade. They also discussed Uganda’s application for a host country agreement with CABI. This would facilitate the implementation of in-country initiatives and resource mobilisation.



Riverside Paddocks
off Riverside Drive.
PO BOX 60853 00200 Nairobi Kenya.
Tel. No: +254 20 4445420 / 4449096
Fax. No: +254 20 4443772

This is where the Office of the High Commissioner is located.


Uganda House, 1st Floor
Kenyatta Avenue
PO BOX 60853 00200 Nairobi Kenya.
Tel. No: +254 20 2217445 / 2217447
Fax. No: +254 20 2217234